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CalAmp iOn™ fleet management software

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Explore the Many Benefits of CalAmp iOn™

Analyze and Optimize Fleet Efficiency

iOn’s intuitive dashboards and reporting empower you with actionable data to help your fleet operate more efficiently. Quickly visualize and analyze KPI’s and historical trends related to asset utilization to help identify opportunities to streamline operations.

Schedule or generate on-demand reports highlighting engine idle time and fuel usage so you can monitor usage and reduce fuel costs.

Create alerts and get notified about important events like collisions, ignition on/off, speeding, engine fault codes, scheduled maintenance due and more.






Track Vehicles &
Equipment in
Near Real Time

Monitor your entire mobile workforce—from vehicles, to trucks, to equipment, to drivers—all from a single screen.

See real time asset locations, status, utilization, engine diagnostics and more. Create geofences and receive alerts when a vehicle departs or arrives at a job site or key destination.

Know exactly when and where your fleet is going at all times, so you can more effectively manage operations remotely.

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Software that Serves Your Entire Fleet Operation

  • Fleet Managers
    Fleet Managers

    Monitor overall fleet performance & drill in for details when you need them.

  • Project Managers
    Project Managers

    Ensure that the right tools & vehicles are at the right site at the right time.

  • Maintenance Managers
    Maintenance Managers

    Automate preventative maintenance scheduling based on mileage or hours-of-use & get real-time engine fault alerts.

  • Logistics Managers new
    Logistics Managers

    Get real-time visibility of large cargo & pallets of goods in transit.

  • safety_managers
    Safety Managers

    Gain insights in driver behavior & performance enhanced by iOn Vision.

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Simplify Fleet Maintenance

A powerful solution for more effectively managing the maintenance needs of your entire fleet.

iOn helps you identify minor maintenance issues before they turn into major repair jobs.

Schedule reminders to service vehicles based on real time mileage and usage. Create alerts to notify you if a vehicle triggers an engine fault code. Extend the life of your fleet by staying ahead of maintenance and repair schedules.

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Manage Fleet Operations from Anywhere

Your assets, equipment and workforce are mobile. It’s important that your fleet management solution is too.

The iOn software is easily accessible from any device that can access the internet. Whether on a phone, laptop, desktop or tablet, you’ll always have access to actionable fleet intelligence right at your fingertips.

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Work Smarter with Fleet Data

Leverage iOn’s easy-to-use geofencing capabilities to help your fleet work smarter and streamline daily operations.

Automate time and attendance by creating geofences around offices, delivery routes and job sites. Bring your timecard process into the 21st century and save time by eliminating the need for daily in-person check-ins.

Measure and improve customer service levels by monitoring arrival and departure times of service vehicles. Receive alerts and generate geofence-based reports to help enable better route planning and workforce decision making.

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See, Know, and
Accomplish More
with Esri Integration

See where your assets are. Know where your leaky water main is. Forecast when a lineman arrives at exactly the right downed power pole before it’s on to the next. All possible with an iOn platform that blends fleet tracking with discreet Esri ArcGIS insight.

When seconds count. When accuracy is essential. And when data can improve operations and even save lives. From public works and safety, to construction and commercial enterprises—smarter fleets run on iOn and Esri.

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Transform the Way You See Your Fleet With iOn™ Vision

Get a holistic view of your fleet with iOn Vision™. Driven by our AI-powered road and driver-facing cameras, iOn Vision helps protect your drivers and fleet with actionable video insights through visual and inertial video triggers.

Proactively coach drivers who engage in negative driving behaviors like harsh braking, harsh cornering, tailgating and speeding. Reinforce positive driving behaviors while building confidence and mutual trust with your drivers with video context tied to events.

Take your fleet safety program to the next level. Easily add iOn Vision to your iOn platform subscription today.

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Streamline Construction Operations with iOn

Fleets Across the U.S. Trust CalAmp Solutions

Discover how iOn is improving fleet operations for our partners across the country.
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Take Your Fleet Tracking to the Next Level
With iOn’s Integrated Telematics Services


iOn™ Vision

iOn Vision is a fully integrated video telematics platform that provides actionable video intelligence to boost driver safety, proactively protect fleets and help mitigate potential legal liabilities stemming from roadway accidents and incidents. The solution features our integrated smart cameras along with a CalAmp Wi-Fi-enabled telematics edge device and video server.

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iOn™ Tags

iOn Tag is a smart proximity sensor that can be affixed to assets of any size. It is supported by CalAmp iOn Application powered by CalAmp Telematics Cloud. If tools or other valuable assets are left behind, the system will identify the last known location and alert operation managers and drivers to assist in a quick recovery.

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iOn Bundled Packages

Choose the option that best fits your business's needs:

Vehicle Telematics Subscription Packages

  • LITE

    Plug and Play or Hard Wired


    • Location
    • 30 Sec Update Frequency




    Light | Heavy Duty Vehicles


    • Everything from Lite
    • Engine Diagnostics



  • PRO

    Light | Heavy Duty Vehicles


    • Everything from Premium
    • iOn Tag (1 Tag per subscription included)
    • Heavy Duty – Vehicle Sensor Monitoring



Asset Telematics Subscription Packages


    Non-powered Assets | Standard Trailers


    • Track and Trace
    • Equipment Location History




    Powered Equipment


    • Everything from Unplugged
    • Equipment Hours of Use




    Smart Trailers


    • Everything from Unplugged
    • iOn Tags (1 Tag per subscription included)
    • Trailer and Truck Association



*Optional devices. Pricing and features may vary and are subject to availability and can change without notice.

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iOn Integration Partners

iOn’s open API enables your business to easily connect common third-party service providers to the iOn software. From mapping, to fuel cards, to maintenance, to outage management, iOn’s integrations will help you seamlessly manage your fleet operations.

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