Getting Through This Together

Whatever your increased needs are today, CalAmp can help minimize the impact of COVID-19 on your organization. We have the technology to sustain your business operations. But most importantly, the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners is our primary focus.

Note from Our CEO, Jeff Gardner

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to affect our families, businesses, communities and our very way of life, we wanted to keep all of our customers and partners up to date on our efforts to support business continuity and provide ongoing customer support.
We have put in place best practices that maximize the safety of our employees, their families, our local communities, customers and partners. While most of our employees worldwide are working from home, we continue to leverage our global infrastructure to deliver the highest levels of service and support.
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Business Continuity

CalAmp understands the importance of protecting and sustaining information and data flowing throughout our streamlined, yet complex, mobile Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure. Using wireless connectivity and data analytics, we continue to provide real-time, actionable business insights to our customers and partners through uncertainty and rapidly shifting societal and market demands.
While business continuity and planning have remained a core fundamental at CalAmp, the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has proliferated and continues to grow around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have declared the COVID-19 pandemic a public health emergency and therefore CalAmp takes this situation very seriously.
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Securing The Supply Chain

Supply chains are strained and now more than ever it’s critical to ensure important medical equipment, medicine and other essential supplies make it from manufacturing to organizations most in need, safely, quickly and efficiently. Supply chain visibility solutions can monitor the status of supplies down to the pallet level and provide insights to help redirect shipments in real-time on an immediate on-demand basis.
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Driver Safety

While medical and emergency response infrastructure are overburdened, it’s increasingly important to maintain driver safety. Despite the relaxation of FMCSA on HOS enforcement, commercial and government fleet operators should closely monitor driver hours and proactively proscribe rest stops for drivers. Fleet and asset management solutions providing route optimization, container capacity monitoring and vehicle diagnostics can help increase efficiencies and maintain business operations.
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School & Government Safety

School districts across the U.S. have adapted our Here Comes The Bus app to provide meals to students who depend on it for daily nutrition while maintaining physical distancing. Some districts are installing WiFi on the school buses to provide internet access to students without it. Fleet telematics help essential business and government fleet operators make timely, informed decisions to provide potentially life-saving services while maintaining fleet safety.
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Secure Remote Working

In the time of COVID-19, work-from-home (WFH) has a completely new meaning and enterprises must ensure their cybersecurity posture can meet the demands of a 100% remote workforce. Businesses with mobile and remote workers must be reminded of internal security platforms, WFH cyber policies, basic cyber hygiene and staying alert to phishing attacks. It is essential to put in place a secure infrastructure and best practices to keep sensitive data and communications safe and secure, and more importantly your staff engaged and energized.
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Distanced But Connected

During difficult times, peace of mind is a priceless commodity, and a connected car app can provide real-time information to ease worried minds. These apps enable drivers to stay connected to loved ones by setting a virtual boundary that sends a notification when they have arrived at their destination. Such apps can also help drivers find the location of the closest emergency services for an ill family member or co-worker. In the case of a crash, they can help dispatch life-saving emergency response services.
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News & Updates
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  • Crisis Crooner Parodies


    Our very own Chris Maddox is #AmplifyingPositivity by creating original covers to your favorite songs to help spread some cheer and basic tips!

  • Kiki's Kindness Project


    During this time, Katelynn has helped raise funds for kids who do not have access to meals due to COVID-19. Recently, she also worked with Sharp Memorial Hospital health workers, which also gave 200 kids a meal!

  • Vista Teen Outreach


    We are working with a local non profit Vista Teen Out Reach (VTO) and helping to provide 200 families each week with food in the Vista community during the quarantine period caused by COVID-19.