Who Are CalAmp’s Top Channel Salespeople For Q4FY18?

  • April 18, 2018
  • Kevin Blakeborough
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CalAmp is pleased to announce our Fourth Quarter Fiscal Year 2018 (Q4FY18) Worldwide Channel Salesperson Incentive Program winners. Please join us in congratulating:

CalAmp is pleased to announce our Fourth Quarter Fiscal Year 2018 (Q4FY18) Worldwide Channel Salesperson Incentive Program winners. Please join us in congratulating:

North America: Ivette Montoya – NSEW Solutions

Asia-Pacific: David Lloyd – Step Global

EMEA: Bertrand Thery – SINAPS

Latin America: Fernando De Leon – SpaceFox


Additionally, we would like to acknowledge CalAmp’s Fiscal Year 2018 Channel Salesperson of the Year winner for propelling CalAmp to new sales heights. Please join us in congratulating:

Tyner Kennedy – Direct Communication Solutions (DCS)

Thank you to all of our Channel Sales partners for your hard work in support of CalAmp products!


About the Partner Companies

NSEW Solutions – Headquartered in Naples, Florida, NSEW Solutions enables GPS hardware that is reliable and durable while providing the results their customers are looking for. NSEW Solutions is not just a hardware company, they provide full support of their devices and configurations.

Step Global – Based in Heatherton, Australia, Step Global has been providing innovative GPS & RFID solutions for their customers for over 20 years. Their expertise is in the positioning and tracking fields. Step Global consult on, design and develop customized solutions that leverage world-class GPS & RFID products.

SINAPS – Based in SW Paris, France, SINAPS started as a small TSP with strategic development to become a fast growing software development company. They provide a full spectrum of custom software and hardware services, with a focus on web, mobile and desktop application development.

SpaceFox – At Spacefox, customers are the life of their organization. How they are treated directly impacts their satisfaction with SpaceFox’s product and service. Positive interactions retain their customers and generate more. SpaceFox recognizes the value of making a difference, one customer at a time and look forward to maintaining the level of integrity and dedication to provide every day solutions to their customers.

DCS – Located in San Diego, California, Direct Communication Solutions provides products, services, solutions and support to the emerging machine-to-machine industry. Their goal is to assist in efforts to bring wireless projects to life, implement wireless technology solutions for businesses or to simply keep devices, employees and business connected.


About the Channel Salesperson Incentive Program

CalAmp highly values our Channel Sales Partners, and their sales teams, for their hard work in promoting and supporting CalAmp products and solutions. To encourage a strong network, our Channel Salesperson Incentive Program recognizes our top channel sales associates for their demand creation efforts each quarter. Awards based on best “Closed/Won” Deal Registration per quarter. Criteria based on highest value, new product, new customer, strategic customer and competitor replacement closed/won deal registrations. First quarter winners will be announced in July.

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