Finding the Right Size for Your Fleet

  • April 27, 2017
  • Kristy Cartier
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes
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The size of your fleet is important. It shouldn’t be too large or too small in regards to assets. If there are too many vehicles and equipment laying fallow on your lot or job site, it is costing you money. If you don’t have the right assets for a project, your estimate might be a risk for overages. Perhaps you have been tracking estimated asset utilization and have a decent grasp of what assets are required. By adding telematics to your fleet, you can determine the right mix based on actual utilization data from the equipment.

Your equipment, machines and vehicles are the silent partners on your construction team. By tapping into the Controller Area Network (CAN bus), the data streamed back translates into giving your mixed fleet a voice in project management. As our associate Courtney DeMilio stated in her Get to Know Your Assets article (summarized):

“By adding GPS location information and operator identification to the telematics information, you will have access to performance-specific metrics including [hours of use, idle time, fuel usage, distances traveled, equipment utilization and even operator behavior].”

With CalAmp’s next-generation telematics solution, AssetOutlook™, you get access to this wealth of information and can stay up-to-date on the status of your equipment whether you’re in the field or in the office. It is a full-stack, single-source solution that minimizes interoperability issues between devices and software.

Access to utilization with cumulative engine hours and AEMP data feeds can help you determine what assets are idling too often and which are being used too much. Courtney has some great questions that can be answered by your telematics data stream:

“This information can be evaluated over time, by job, machine, customer and employee, in order to determine the following:

• Where is there wasted capacity that can be redeployed to improve utilization?

• What equipment is being abused or misused?

• What maintenance is needed, and how can it best be scheduled?”

When combined with your operational and accounting software, you get a well-rounded view of your assets. This information helps you determine what size your fleet should be and whether it might be better to lease vs. buy. It also helps keep your crew from having unexpected downtime while waiting for a piece of equipment to be delivered or having too many on site.

In closing, AssetOutlook unlocks the power of your mixed fleet by increasing its visibility and allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently based on real-time utilization.