Our Vision

Connectivity, real-time analytics, and data in motion. This is The New How for the connected economy. We help reinvent business and improve lives worldwide with technology solutions that streamline complex IoT deployments and bring intelligence to the edge. Welcome to The New How and the kinetic force of innovation.

CalAmp is a telematics pioneer leading transformation in a global connected economy.

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Connected Cars

Connectivity, Automated Intelligence and Peace of Mind
Giving mobile network operators, OEMs, insurers, dealers and service providers the tools to build customer relationships and increase revenue opportunities

Connected Trucks

Amplified Productivity, Transformative Insights and Re-Invented Operations
Driving the future of telematics with scalable, tightly integrated vehicle network solutions that connect trucks, cargo and people

Industrial Internet of Machines

Operational Acceleration, Smarter Infrastructure and Machine-to-Machine Insights
Streamline business processes, balance operations and hardening infrastructure reliability with remote monitoring, control technology and a robust cloud-computing platform

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