Key Highlights

  • Best Practice and Common-Sense Security
    • TLS 1.2 security
    • Least Privilege Access Controls
    • Separation of Roles and Responsibilities and Role-based Access Controls in a multi-tenant technology stack, you can only see what you are supposed to see.
  • Understanding Threats and Patching

CalAmp understands that security risks can change from one moment to the next. Risk is addressed in many ways from over the air patching for our edge devices to appropriate feature releases for any code required changes.

  • Think like a malicious actor

As we understand the security risk landscape, malicious actors don’t wait for us to patch our systems. Like the CalAmp security team comes up with new and innovative ways to secure our infrastructure, malicious actors are thinking of new and innovative ways to get into our networks. Coupling the extensive experience of the CalAmp security team, we partner with trusted security providers and partners to understand what the new ways malicious actors use to get into network infrastructures. We also provide a bug reporting page to report any security bugs to the CalAmp security team. See below.

  • SOC2 Type 2 certification of CalAmp Dacit – Visit Now.

  • Application

    We follow best practice with TLS 1.2 security of our web facing applications as well as robust access controls, protecting the way in as well as who can see what. This is based on the principles of role-based access controls, as well as least privileged access, allowing the application to utilize the necessary services of our multi-tenant platform CalAmp Dacit, protecting and guiding the data from the application to our cloud platform in AWS. 

  • Platform

    With our SOC2 Type II attestation of CalAmp Dacit™, CalAmp demonstrates above and beyond Cloud provided security measures, with additional CalAmp protective measures, protecting what’s most important to the customer, their data. As part of that attestation we verify that Dacit™ as a multi-tenant solution is the right one for our customers.

    We do this by practicing defense-in-depth methodologies both vertical and horizontally but let’s not forget, everything else in between. We make sure in our infrastructure by only having the right traffic go where it needs with the appropriate routing in place. Additionally, when the data ‘rests’ within our system, it is encrypted with AES 256 encryption protocols and it’s only resident for the purpose it serves.

    While CalAmp is working to protect its infrastructure, applications, devices, and data, we employ the work of 3rd party organizations to audit and test our environment on a continuous basis. We’ve instituted the mindset of attack simulation, meaning, we look at the ways of how a malicious actor might get in vs just simply working over a list of things from a vulnerability scan. This helps us stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

  • Edge Devices

    We have web facing capabilities, a platform offering, and we bring those capabilities to the edge. CalAmp offerdevices with the latest security measures to include over the air patching, access control via SMS, message authentication, and different levels of encryption based on the devices your company needs. This allows our customer to pick the right solutions for their needs from protecting fleets and drivers with CalAmp iOn™ or protecting their construction equipment investments with LoJack® Stolen Asset Recovery System. The CalAmp information security team is with you every step of the way. 

  • SOC 2 Type II

    What is SOC2 Type II?

    The Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II examination demonstrates that an independent accounting and auditing firm, has reviewed and verifiied that an organization has met its control objectives, meaning, do you do what you say you do. 

    SOC 2 takes a look at many areas to include Policies, Communications, Procedures and Monitoring. CalAmp has achieved a SOC2 Type II certification which looks the various security controls over a period of time rather than just a one point in time.  

Corporate Message
Security continues to be a differentiating factor across many industries not excluding CalAmp. CalAmp understands the evolving security landscape by providing secure solutions allowing our customers to focus on what’s important for them, the security of their data. Greg McCord Sr. Director, Information Security