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Fleet and Asset Management

By combining an award-winning GPS fleet and asset tracking application with a range of robust devices, CalAmp solutions deliver real-time visibility of mobile and fixed assets – resulting in improved productivity, increased communication, reduction in unauthorized use, and increased recovery of stolen assets. With access to critical data from a desktop, mobile device or via ...

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LTE Connection: Why is it Considered The Backbone of Today’s M2M & IoT?

CalAmp is a leader in new innovations that enable companies to leverage their M2M and Industrial IoT investments. CalAmp’s extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of network technologies enables us to design our products around achieving the most optimal LTE performance which, when required, includes fallback to 3G and 2G to help bridge the gap during ...

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Mitigating the Risk of Untracked Assets with Holistic Telematics

Monitoring high-value assets provides significant benefits in terms of visibility, maintenance scheduling, cost control and more. Unfortunately, many traditional telematics require expensive technologies or large devices, often making it counterproductive and cost-prohibitive to track assets that are small or those that have a high service value despite their lower financial value.

As smaller and more affordable tracking devices enter the market, however, the capabilities and benefits generated by telematics have begun to extend to ancillary assets that have not been traditionally monitored using tags, sensors and other telematics devices. Newer technologies have elevated asset-management capabilities for this type of equipment, significantly reducing the cost of replacements for lost items and improving the use of existing assets.

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