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Broadband Connectivity for Coaches and Buses

Vehicle-grade routers from CalAmp enable 4G LTE and 3G connectivity for public transportation and deliver applications such as Wi-Fi internet access, CCTV monitoring, telemetry, fleet tracking and digital signage, including location-based advertisement and time to next stop. CalAmp’s vehicle-grade routers support a true vehicle area network, where the coach is enabled as a secure digital ...

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CalAmp iOn™ for Commercial Fleets

Fleet managers can dramatically improve performance by tracking and monitoring their drivers, equipment and vehicles in the field. The intelligent ecosystem from CalAmp iOn™ provides a clear picture of your operations. With real-time and historical data integrated into your other systems, it is easier to find where there are trouble spots or opportunities.

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CalAmp iOn™ for Construction

Whether you are a contractor, OEM or rental company, real-time end-to-end visibility lets you respond and adapt to current and future situations. Telematics unlocks the power of your heavy construction fleet through instant data on location, utilization and condition status. You gain access to actual usage data by jobsite for better job costing and project ...

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CalAmp iOn™ for Government

Get powerful insights that enable you to optimize resources and budget. The solution can help you identify opportunities for maximizing your return on investment – for example, you would know exactly when to auction a vehicle from your fleet for maximum sale value. This solution brief is designed to show how Fleet Intelligence is far ...

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Cold Chain Monitoring for Food Safety

CalAmp offers protection for your cold chain through a smart architecture consisting of remote data-logging, real-time monitoring platform, and access to a 24/7 command center.

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Cold Chain Solution for Pharma

CalAmp’s solution for greater visibility into your cold chain is through improved environmental condition monitoring. Protect your quality at all points with visibility & compliance monitoring, real-time alert notifications, a 24/7 command center, and delivery reporting.

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Connecting the Shared Micromobility Ecosystem

CalAmp solutions help you connect and manage your fleet by using IoT technology to monitor and manage both at the dock and on the road. Enable shared micromobility and gain maximum visibility and control with an intelligent ecosystem of solutions that you can easily plug & play or customize to your operational needs.

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