LoJack® SureDrive™

Peace of mind for the drive ahead™

Product Features

  • CrashBoxx® with instant crash alerts

    Rapid and reliable notification that an accident has occurred; trained US-based agents can expedite timely assistance to drivers involved in a crash.1

  • Tripwire™ Early Warning

    Get timely alerts if your car is towed, stolen or unexpectantly moves over a ¼ mile.2

  • Stolen Vehicle Location Assist

    Our trained US-based agents help in case the unthinkable happens; a simple call can help quickly locate and track your vehicle.3

  • Virtual Boundaries

    Get notified when a loved one arrives at their destination with timely alerts .4

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1 The vehicle's ignition must be on for instant crash alerts to detect an incident. Response time of law enforcement may vary. 2 Do not approach the vehicle in response to a theft notification unless you are certain the situation is safe. 3 Response time of law enforcement may vary. 4 Up to six Virtual Boundaries may be set at one time.