Supply Chain Visibility

Maintain Quality, Compliance and Brand Integrity

CalAmp's Cold Chain Solutions

Cold Chain Solutions for Quality & Compliance

Log in-transit environmental conditions continuously for regulatory compliance with real-time monitoring and triggered excursion alerts for variations in temperature, humidity, light, shock and movement down to the pallet- and package-level.

CalAmp Supply Chain and Asset Management

Asset Management for Mixed-Use Resources

Save time and money by monitoring and managing mixed-use equipment and resources, such as pallets, hand trucks or ladders, that are onsite and remote in the field.

CalAmp Supply Chain Air Cargo

Air Cargo Monitoring

Ship confidently by air adding a one-use smart sensor to your cargo. It continuously logs data throughout transport, across all modes, and transmits the information when there is a cellular connection.


Visibility & Risk Management

Honing supply chain operations by providing greater visibility insights through real-time data and monitoring to eliminate tracking blind spots across providers and modes.

Smart Sensors & Devices

Smart Sensors & Devices

Our ruggedized sensors and devices are designed to remotely log and transmit critical operational data about your shipments across all modes of transportation. Mix and match options to enable end-to-end visibility that suits your company’s needs.

CalAmp Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain Services

Connecting companies to their shipments and assets with smart devices and sensors for real-time monitoring that is accessible through the web-based command portal or 24/7 command center to ensure supply chain integrity.

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