Trailer Intelligence: Beyond Smart.

Enabling a connected ecosystem for drivers, assets and operations.

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How we're transforming trailer telematics today

Trailer Management: Beyond Smart.

As part of the CalAmp Transportation & Logistics portfolio of solutions, CalAmp’s smart trailer technology is powered by our innovative edge devices and EdgeApp platform, allowing endless OEM sensor integrations. With CalAmp’s smart trailer technology, you get:
  • Real time monitoring of trailer health, status and performance
  • Maximize trailer utilization, maintenance and safety
  • Customize and scale with our flexible platform, which integrates seamlessly with industry OEM sensors

Experience effective and efficient decision making with powerful and meaningful data, all in one platform. More integrations. Limitless possibilities.

Get Flexible Intelligence with HT LinkSense and CalAmp.

Available now on new Hyundai Translead trailers, CalAmp edge-to-cloud smart trailer platform opens more possibilities for more actionable insights to drive more operational fleet efficiency and make roads safer across the U.S.
Our edge-to-cloud solution unifies data from OEM sensors installed on newly built Hyundai Translead trailers.
Leverage data from these sensors to monitor, analyze and manage every element of a trailer from tires and wheels, to door status and the high-value cargo inside.
Gain total awareness of your trailer and cargo while on the road or in the yard.

Monitor Your Tire Pressures with Remotely

With tire pressure monitor sensors (TPMS), monitor your fleet’s tires in real-time to increase road safety, decrease tire wear, increase braking distance and improve overall fuel economy.

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Monitor Wheel-End Temperatures with WETS

Similarly to TPMS, the Wheel End Temperature System (WETS) included in CalAmp’s Smart Trailer Technology detects the temperature of the wheels of the trailer, and can notify the driver and fleet manager when temperature levels become unsafe. 

Prioritizing safety for drivers and others on the road is a fleet’s number one goal, and it also helps saves fleets time and money as well. 

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Safeguard Your Trailer's Cargo

Monitor and track when your trailer doors open and close in real time for added peace of mind, especially when transporting valuable cargo.

These sensors reduce cargo theft and loss, improve detection of tampering, and provide instant notification of door open/close events.

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Manage Your Cargo Efficiently

Optimize your fleet’s cargo capacity and utilization with cargo sensors. Quickly see your trailers cargo load and identify which trailers are carrying excess loads to avoid costly roadside delays and repairs. 

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Fleet Intelligence, Delivered.

CalAmp iOn™ is a fleet management solution that helps transportation and logistics companies track, monitor and protect vital assets.

By delivering real-time visibility into trailer status, contents and condition, iOn empowers commercial and private trucking fleets to increase operational efficiency and improve safety.

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