Fully automate the accident notification process

CBX2 (1)

CrashBoxx® with Instant Crash Alerts

Transform vehicle collisions into actionable intelligence with detailed analysis of an accident within minutes of the event to automate loss recovery.

  • Notifies insurers and the driver’s designated recipient of a crash to improve response time
  • Delivers location, date, time, VIN and collision severity information in near real time
  • Provides OEM-level crash reporting performance
  • Expedites the claims process
  • Stand-alone service or layered on top of a comprehensive vehicle management program
CBX1 (1)

CrashBoxx® with accident reconstruction

Fully automate the accident notification process by providing users with rapid and reliable notification that an accident has occurred. True crash events are accurately characterized and other non-crash events are filtered out.

  • Provides comprehensive crash data for accident reconstruction
  • Delivers detailed data such as force of the crash, direction of impact and speed prior to impact
  • Automates incident reports
  • Facilitates validation and investigation services
  • Streamlines the claims process

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