iOn™ Vision for Service Providers and Enterprise Fleets

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iOn Vision Service Elements

Edge Devices*

  • CAL_2021-03_LMU 5541 and LMU 3240 Combo Line Drawing_02_1
    LMU 3240™ / LMU 5541™

    Next generation telematics devices for light-duty and enterprise fleets

  • iOn Vision Landing Page Assets_01_iOn Vision Camera
    Integrated Smart Cameras

    Wi-Fi connected road and detachable driver facing smart cameras with built-in vision triggers

iOn Vision Service

  • iOn Vision Landing Page Assets_01_CrashBoxx

    Multi-tiered vehicle risk management service that provides businesses with faster, deeper and more actionable insights into crash events in near real-time

  • CAL_2020-08_iOn-Tag-Service-Elements-Line-Drawings_01_API-Integration
    API Integration

    Documented and published RESTful APIs allow easy integration with 3rd party applications

*Devices sold separately from iOn Vision Service. LMU 3240 and LMU 5541 are currently supported. Additional LMU devices will be added to the service in the future. Check with your CalAmp sales rep for updates.

CalAmp iOn Vision: How It Works

Our fleet video telematics solution w/ integrated smart cameras and Plug-and-Play installation.
  • HW-Icons-1
    Smart cameras turn on when engine is on

    The integrated smart cameras are ready to record and will continue to do so until the engine is off.

  • HW-Icons-2
    A harsh driving event occurs

    The AI engine begins to review the footage based on triggers such as hard braking, tailgating, speeding, stop sign violation, or accidents.

  • HW-Icons-3
    The event is classified

    The video clip of the event is classified and recorded within your admin portal.

  • HW-Icons-4
    You receive an alert within minutes

    A visual alert and video clip can be viewed in your admin portal, or you can download it for later viewing.

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