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While the value of smaller equipment such as tools is oftentimes considerably lower — in many cases even negligible compared with large equipment such as machinery — the benefits of keeping track of smaller items can still be considerable. Rickard Andersson Principal Analyst, Berg Insight
We looked at a lot of solution providers for GPS. When we met with CalAmp, it was a really robust solution…CalAmp was great for a number of perspectives Max Smith CEO of OjO Electric
Tools by themselves might not be very expensive — say you have a ladder that might cost $500 — but the utilization of that ladder is where its real value comes in. Kinana Hussain Vice President, Product Line Management, CalAmp

iOn Tag Service Elements

Edge Devices*

  • LMU-3640_click-circle
    LMU 3640

    Next-generation telematics gateway upgraded to connect to BLE sensors like CalAmp iOn Tag.

  • Sci-iOnTag_click-circle
    iOn Tags

    Connect and manage up to 100 tags per account to track assets of all sizes for your customers

iOn Tag Service

  • CAL_2020-08_iOn-Tag-Service-Elements-Line-Drawings_01_1
    CalAmp iOn

    Track assets with tags associated to vehicles quickly and easily

  • CAL_2020-08_iOn-Tag-Service-Elements-Line-Drawings_01_API-Integration
    API Integration

    Documented and published RESTful APIs allow easy integration with 3rd party applications

* Additional devices supporting service: LMU 3040, LMU 2630, TTU 2830 * Devices sold separately from iOn Tag Service. Check that device version is compatible prior to order. * Additional devices will be added to service in near future. Check with your CalAmp sales rep for updates.

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