The Only Intelligent Platform Built for Telematics
Harness the power of your data and discover new insights to accelerate business operations and enrich customer experiences.
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Unify All Your Telematics Data Under One Platform

Dacit™ simplifies the complexity of building a comprehensive telematics solution by streamlining data workflows, creating intelligent connections across a growing ecosystem of fleets, assets and systems. Our telematics platform makes it easy for you to access real-time analytics from your operations to make data-driven decisions. Dacit™ is the only platform that:

  • Connects

    Seamless flow of data to, from and across the edge, applications and systems

  • Manages

    Deploy custom applications to optimize data processing on the edge

  • Transforms

    Translate and enrich telematics data with value-added information and logic

  • Hosts

    Secured cloud-based data and services accessed via APIs

Gain New Insights and Make Data-Driven Decisions

Dacit™ is able ingest data from any telematics device—vehicle, trailer, asset—to your business applications and systems. With this comprehensive view of critical data, you get the valuable insights you need and ones you didn’t expect.

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Reduce Cost by Simplifying Your Software Stack

Maintaining a complex platform requires dedicated resources to aggregate and transform data, source devices, and configure components to harmonize within the entire ecosystem. Our Dacit™ platform empowers businesses to simplify data management from edge to cloud.

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Grow Your Business by Launching New Solutions

Shift focus to the needs of your business operations by partnering with us to develop innovative solutions. As your business continues to evolve, our platform offers the flexibility and agility to bring new features to the market faster so you can deliver more value to your end users.

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Optimize Data Processing on the Edge

Analyze device data and respond to events as it is happening in real-time. Flexibly build, rapidly deploy and scale edge solutions to deliver cutting-edge applications for better, more differentiated customer experiences.

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Power Your Telematics Solution with Dacit™

Data Access & Services
  • Telematics Data: Access rich data and integrate seamlessly across applications and systems. 
    • Data Management: Simplify data collection from connected assets and centralize all your critical data into one platform. 
      • Integrated CalAmp devices, 3rd party devices and sensors, vehicle and engine data. Choose from a selection of leading industry OEM sensor and system partners. 
    • OEM Telematics: Access rich and proprietary data from industry-leading OEM without requiring additional integration. 
  • Telematics Services: Access, select and activate additional services and products to compliment and optimize productivity for your business operations. 
  • Device Management: Complete oversight and command of your edge devices. 
    • Remote Configuration: Securely deploy and configure over-the-air software updates to add new features and improve performance via our user-friendly interface or extensive suite of APIs. 
    • Smart Jobs Framework: Define your configuration order to schedule multiple updates in bulk. 
    • Powerful Organizational Tools: 
      • With advanced administrative tools, set up your hierarchical organizational structure to control data and permission settings for managed devices and users.  
      • Create user accounts and assign roles to control who in your organization can view, change, or execute certain management functions. 
      • Organize and manage devices and assets in flexible groups to quickly deploy changes. 
    • Rich Visual Dashboards & Reports: Filter and segment your data to build the exact reports you need, automate report scheduling, and access analytical dashboards for faster, data-driven decisions. 
    • Troubleshooting & Diagnostics: 
      • Set rules and notifications to monitor critical device health vitals that matter most to your operations. 
      • View and track user activity and events within your business operations through audit logs. 
      • Access device logs to uncover specific issues and reduce troubleshooting time. 

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Join the Largest and Most Reliable Telematics Platform

  • CAL_2021-11_Dacit Graphic_02_icon 1
    20 Million

    Connected Telematics Devices

  • CAL_2021-11_Dacit Graphic_02_icon 2
    2.5 Billion

    Data Points Processed Daily

  • CAL_2021-11_Dacit Graphic_02_icon 3
    40+ Years

    Telematics Device Expertise

Integrated Services to Help You Work Smarter

Gain real-time visibility into your mixed fleet of assets with easy-to-set up applications and integrations.


iOn™ Vision

iOn Vision is a fully integrated video telematics solution that provides actionable video intelligence to boost driver safety, proactively protect fleets and help mitigate potential legal liabilities stemming from roadway accidents and incidents. The solution features our integrated smart cameras along with a CalAmp Wi-Fi-enabled telematics edge device and video server.

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iOn™ Tags

iOn Tag is a smart proximity sensor that can be affixed to assets of any size, supported by CalAmp’s iOn software application. If tools or other valuable assets are left behind, the system will identify the last known location and alert operation managers and drivers to assist in a quick recovery.

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CBX2 (1)


Crashboxx is a multi-tiered vehicle risk management service that provides businesses with faster, deeper and more actionable insights into crash events in near real-time. CrashBoxx provides alerts in real-time when a driver is involved in a collision; reconstructs the collision with accurate situational details to facilitate investigations and claims processing, thus helping to mitigate frivolous lawsuits or fraud.

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Dacit™ Bundled Packages

Choose the option that best fits your business needs.

  • Essential


    Telematics Data
    Access rich data and integrate seamlessly across applications and systems. Choose via push or pull modes. 

    Device Management
    Complete oversight and command of edge devices. Remotely provision, configure, update, diagnose, fix and retire devices. 


    Telematics Services
    iOn Tags, iOn Vision, Crashboxx 

    Global Connectivity

  • Premium


    Telematics Data
    Access rich data and integrate seamlessly across applications and systems. Choose via push or pull modes. 

    Device Management
    Complete oversight and command of edge devices. Remotely provision, configure, update, diagnose, fix and retire devices. 

    Software Development
    Host data, develop and deploy telematics software. Access our extensive suite of APIs and build your solutions on top of Dacit™. 


    Telematics Services
    iOn Tags, iOn Vision, Crashboxx

    Global Connectivity

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