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CalAmp’s Battery Powered GPS Devices Equip Satlock ULTRALOCK Products With Tracking and Monitoring Capabilities

Satlock, headquartered in Colombia, has expertise in logistics, supply chain information services, security electronics, surveillance and telematics. Since 2011, Satlock has provided container tracking solutions that meet the container security standards BASC and OEA, by installing security seals on container doors enabled with Satlock’s Monitoring Station cloud solution which provides efficient and accurate cargo monitoring. They deliver real-time reports to their customers in North and South America, and give them access to a web-based software platform to access statistical information about their logistics operations.

The Challenge

Satlock created two products, the ULTRALOCK C and the ULTRALOCK G, both high-security electronic container locks. These locks can be easily installed in about 10 seconds, and don’t interfere with logistics operations, such as inspections and loading and unloading cargo. For the ULTRALOCKs, from a safety perspective, it was equally important that the locks be able to provide information about the cargo’s location, as well as protect the container door’s integrity. This meant finding an appropriate GPS telematics device that could fit within the ULTRALOCK products, and also had a long battery life, high resistance to harsh environments (such as water and vibration) and provided highly accurate GPS coordinates. Satlock reviewed various GPS devices, weighing the costs, features and reliability.

The Solution

Satlock chose two CalAmp products that were a fit for the ULTRALOCK products. The TTU-1230 and TTU-2830 are both small, battery-powered GPS devices that equip the ULTRALOCKs with the needed technology. “Not only did the CalAmp products meet the security standards, but CalAmp devices are very stable and provided the battery capacity needed,” said Teodoro Despiniadis, R&D director at Satlock. In addition, the TTUs allow Satlock to manage and control the device’s firmware to work exactly the way it is needed – to sleep and wake at very specific times, send the right notifications, and more.


The TTU-1230 and TTU-2830 have been very successful devices within the ULTRALOCK products. In addition to their customizable firmware, Satlock’s customers can track their shipments, receive notification of tampering and be notified if the container has been opened prematurely. One customer, PANALPINA Bogota, has found that Satlock’s products enable better transport and cargo management. “We can count on constant and reliable information,” said Mauricio Moreno Duarte, head of customs brokerage. Another customer, Damco Colombia, stated that they have been able to improve their processes visibility with the ULTRALOCK product. “We’re now more efficient in managing our KPI’s and have been able to optimize the response times thanks to having information about the state of our operations,” said Mario Andres Muñoz, operations director at Damco. Additionally, Damco has been able to reduce costs throughout their supply chain because of the reliability of the Satlock products.

A container lock being used on a shipment to protect and monitor supply chain

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