ArgoTrak Use of CalAmp iOn™ Tag for a Restoration Services Company

Lost in the Dark

The owner of a small restoration services company had a problem – his technicians kept leaving their service flashlights behind at job sites.  These aren’t just any cheap flashlights, they are professional grade high output flashlights used by fire departments, costing about $200 apiece. Even if the flashlights accidentally left behind were ultimately recovered, the owner’s technicians couldn’t perform their duties at the next job site without the flashlight, which meant sometimes doubling back and driving an hour or more back to the previous job site to recover the flashlight.  This would often delay a schedule by hours or a whole day, create unhappy customers, and cost the owner both goodwill and revenue.  Since two technicians ride in each truck, it would also add considerably to the owner’s labor budget every time a flashlight was left behind.

An illuminating Solution

CalAmp dealer and service provider ArgoTrak approached the owner, originally to deploy CalAmp’s asset tracking solution iOn Tag on the restoration service’s dryers. These big and expensive tools are key to a restoration service company’s operation. However, the owner said he didn’t need to track dryers, because they were never stolen or left behind.  ArgoTrak asked, “Well, what is left behind?” and after thinking about it for a moment, the owner realized iOn Tag could be the answer to his flashlight problem.

As the company was already using CalAmp Telematics Edge devices compatible with iOn Tag, installation was as easy as applying the self-adhesive tags to the flashlights, pairing them with the truck’s telematics edge device, and enabling the iOn Tag service in the CalAmp Telematics Cloud.  The following week, four different alerts of flashlights being left behind occurred, allowing the drivers to quickly turn around and recover their flashlights before driving to their next job site.

“The owner was thrilled with the iOn Tag solution,” said ArgoTrak’s Director of Product Development, Jim Wheeler, “He achieved ROI equal to what he’s paying for a year’s worth of asset tracking in its very first week of use.”

Expanding on iOn Tag for a New Creative Use

ArgoTrak is working with the same restoration services company for another creative way to use iOn Tag in the near future. Wheeler added that when CalAmp adds temp and humidity readings to its iOn Tag functionality in the second half of 2021 that the owner will add iOn Tags to his dryers. This will allow his technicians to drive within Bluetooth distance of the dryers and get automatic updates to the humidity reading inside the jobsite, which will tell the techs in an instant if the dryers need to stay there another day, or can be retrieved.

“It’s another way this same business owner can leverage iOn Tag to make his business more efficient, while protecting his equipment investment at the same time,” added Wheeler.

About iOn Tag

CalAmp iOn™ Tag is a smart proximity sensor that can be affixed to assets of any size and is supported by CalAmp iOn™ Application powered by CalAmp Telematics Cloud (CTC). If tools or other valuable assets are left behind, the system will identify the last known location and alert operation managers and drivers to assist in a quick recovery.

CalAmp iOn™ Tag can be adhered to asset of all sizes and integrated with existing or compatible CalAmp telematics devices installed on a vehicle or job site making setup quick and efficient.​ At a size of three-quarters, the weatherproof smart proximity sensor tag can be applied discreetly to an asset and has a lifespan of approximately 2 years with normal usage.​