Smart Tags Improve Fleet Efficiency and Crash-Triggered Video Can Save Lives

  • March 13, 2020
  • Kim Haneke
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In the wake of Mobile World Congress Barcelona being cancelled, companies all over the world that were prepared to showcase their product advancements were left to reorganize. While cancelling the conference was well warranted, we are still eager to share what we had planned for conference attendees.

CalAmp kicked off 2020 by announcing its newest iOn™ Tag and iOn™ Vision products for fleet and asset management. To highlight the capabilities of its new Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, CalAmp planned a few very creative interactive demonstrations. Here is a quick rundown:

CalAmp iOn Tag

We know fleet managers face the challenge of launching standalone services that don’t tie into their main enterprise applications, making full integration more difficult. The new CalAmp iOn Tag visibility service helps ensure the right equipment is in the right vehicle, yard or storage area. If a valuable asset is left behind, the system will alert the driver and give the last known location to assist in a quick recovery. At MWC Barcelona, we planned to track in real-time a few CalAmp team members on-site at the show to showcase how smart sensors can be affixed to any valuable asset and paired with a CalAmp telematics device to help improve customer service, operational efficiency and cost savings.

CalAmp iOn Vision

An interactive demo of the iOn Vision video telematics solution was to be on display to show how the self-install camera, along with a CalAmp Wi-Fi-enabled telematics edge device and video server, will provide an accurate assessment of driver behavior to improve driving efficiency and fleet safety under ever-changing road conditions. While video cameras are not new, iOn Vision is a fully integrated video telematics solution. Coupled with CalAmp’s CrashBoxx® crash detection technology, iOn Vision enables fleet operators to capture video evidence of critical collision events to facilitate investigations and help mitigate liabilities.

“CalAmp has always prided itself on listening to our customers’ needs. We recently discovered via a U.S. fleet operator survey that fleet operators prioritize safety, reliability and accuracy when deciding upon a fleet telematics solution,” said Michael Burdiek, CEO of CalAmp. “Our newest telematics solutions does just that by providing improved visibility of owned and rented equipment as well as actionable video data that captures driver behavior, saving businesses thousands of dollars in lost assets and wear and tear due to poor driving habits. Even more importantly, this type of video data can save lives.”

iOn Tag and iOn Vision are powered by Dacit, CalAmp’s telematics platform that ingests, aggregates, and transforms data into actionable business insights that enhance productivity, profitability and safety.

Both products can be bundled with the CalAmp iOn Suite of Telematics Services to provide enhanced contextual insights around driver behavior including CrashBoxx-triggered video clips, detailed accident reconstruction reports and Driver Behavior Scorecard. These services enable fleet operators and telematics service providers to expand their mobile IoT solutions as business needs evolve.

To learn more about iOn Tag and iOn Vision, watch Michael Burdiek’s recent interview with Mobile World Live.

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