The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking the world of delivery-based organizations by storm. By 2025, there will be 116 million connected vehicles in the U.S. alone and each of those connected vehicles will upload approximately 25 gigabytes of data to the cloud per hour – approximately 25 billion terabytes of total connected vehicle data each year.

These vast ecosystems of sensors and devices in the mobile economy, combined with the latest cutting-edge software, edge computing and cloud technology, provide real-time visibility into the locations and conditions of valued goods, the vehicles carrying those goods and their drivers.  For larger global logistics & transportation companies this often extends beyond vehicles to other modes of transportation as well – including air, sea and rail. This new era of the IoT coupled with advanced telematics presents a host of exciting possibilities, ranging from improved transportation logistics, faster delivery times and innovative connected transportation services that ensure greater safety, integrity and security of goods traveling through a complex logistics journey.

Against this backdrop, larger companies often desire to integrate and build applications on top of existing IoT connected devices for customer facing applications. This demands a flexible platform that can quickly help developers integrate all these telematics benefits into their own enterprise environments. CalAmp Telematics Cloud (CTC) platform powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables companies to leverage an integrated suite of telematics services into their operational infrastructure that can reliably and securely transmit millions of messages from high-valued mobile assets through a secure, scalable, enterprise-grade cloud service. This tight integration of IoT technology provides greater visibility to help meet customer expectations in the on-demand economy.

Leveraging the Power of CTC

There are over 400 different cloud telematics platforms from which to choose so what separates CTC from the rest? Our enterprise customers tell us that only CTC offers a seamless one-stop-shop for mobile asset management along with these five critical capabilities:

  • Integration: CTC’s Application Development Environment (ADE), along with CalAmp’s broad portfolio of devices, easily links vertical, back-end applications to remote assets providing only the information needed for each key stakeholder within the organization.
  • Scalability: The ADE provides an embedded framework to help create tailored solutions enabling faster deployment with minimized infrastructure.  On the device side, CTC’s Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) model minimizes costs for managing devices and telematics services as well as technical support, so customers can scale their solutions in a more cost-effective manner.
  • Simplicity: Customers can directly link intelligent devices with their existing enterprise systems for more holistic and actionable insights.
  • Speed: With CTC’s industry-standard APIs, customer development teams can capture the information they need from mobile assets to speed time to market of custom telematics solutions.
  • Reliability: Large global logistics companies can’t afford downtime or loss of data. This is especially imperative for surviving peak seasons in freight transportation. Data reliability and zero downtime operations on that kind of global scale only comes with experience – our customers have come to know who we serve and the importance and scale of those telematics deployments.

Reliability comes in large part from CTC being built on one of the most reliable and scalable enterprise-grade cloud infrastructures in the business – Amazon Web Services. That kind of reliability played a part in Amazon itself choosing CalAmp for one of its more recent telematics needs:

“Amazon selected CalAmp to build one of our own mission-critical business applications over the CalAmp Telematics Cloud,” said Frank Paterra, general manager Amazon Web Services. “CalAmp’s smart telematics device technology and cloud-based application development environment enabled us to quickly develop tailored solutions designed around our own applications to meet specific use cases.”

How Global Enterprises Use CTC

Another very large multinational shipping enterprise also leverages CTC as a one-stop-shop for connectivity to manage countless shipments using CalAmp mobile tracking devices and iOn tags all in one common data platform.

Here’s a snapshot of CTC in action. This very large, multinational shipping company places iOn tags onto packages to monitor location as well as environmental data such as temperature, light and humidity to ensure product quality. The semi-truck and trailer carrying the packages are also equipped with CalAmp telematics devices that serve as a gateway for iOn tags. With location and environmental data channeled from CalAmp iOn tags and devices to CTC’s centralized platform, the shipping company can track the parcels in near real time as they travel across multi-modal logistics systems from the field, to the warehouse, and ultimately to the customer.

Secured with SOC 2

In addition to speed, scalability, simplicity and of course reliability, logistics leaders must prioritize security when selecting cloud-based telematics technologies, especially in a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape. CTC is SOC 2 certified, meaning it’s designed to securely retain data in the cloud. There’s a flexible data retention period that’s tunable, which tracks highly sensitive information and provides enhanced transparency into how long data is held and where it’s stored. With SOC 2 certification, organizations have the confidence their sensitive data is secure, thus ensuring the confidentiality and availability needed for optimized telematics applications. 

Global transportation and logistics enterprises cannot afford a lapse in fleet communications or lost packages during high-demand seasons. That’s why the reliability, flexibility and seamless sophistication of the CalAmp Telematics Cloud is vital for complex enterprise logistics supply chains. As the IoT and telematics continue to grow, companies adopting the CTC platform can access unparalleled mobile asset data visibility, optimize enterprise operations and deploy their own innovative telematics applications – increasing market penetration and delivering goods faster and more securely than ever before.

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