Solutions Built With Your Tough Environments In Mind

  • February 20, 2019
  • Kinana Hussain
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CalAmp Ruggedized Solutions

Construction is a tough business on the best days. Factors such as rain or snow make it even tougher at times. Yet you cannot just stop your project when the weather gets challenging. You need a telematics solution as tough as you are to monitor equipment location and utilization as well as communicate this information back to you. CalAmp understands the challenges that come with operating outdoors, sometimes in harsh environments. We built solutions that you can count on your equipment to get the job done. Our customers are why we offer a line of rugged, IP-rated weatherproof telematics devices that work smarter and longer so you do not need to work harder to get the job done.


Companies looking for long-term, low-maintenance tracking solutions will appreciate the TTU-730. The TTU-730 offers a long battery life because the latest LTE Cat 1 network connectivity with an 8-bit architecture conserves battery usage. Designed with a replaceable battery that can last for up to 7 years, it is suitable for non-powered assets such as supply shed and storage trailers that may sit idle at job sites for long durations. Its weatherproof (IP67) build incorporates internal antennas to make installations easy while still able to withstand most harsh environments.


The weather-resistant (IP66) TTU-1230 is perfect for companies looking for an asset tracking device with excellent field reliability. It is rechargeable and incorporates precise GPS technology and LTE Cat 1 for maximum communications connectivity. The TTU-1230 comes packed with essential features that are ideal for monitoring tethered assets, either idle or when in-transit to different job sites. An internal antenna makes it mountable virtually anywhere.


Designed for companies that need a versatile asset tracker with vast I/O capabilities for advance IIoT uses, the TTU-2830 with a 5.2Ah rechargeable battery and weather-resistant IP66 rating. It’s the next level of asset tracking that enables add-ons such as sensors that can be programmed to send alerts based on set parameters. The TTU-2830 is suitable for a variety of mixed-assets and is ideal for monitoring hours of use and health metrics. Rental companies offering customer service agreements on maintenance and services of their high-valued assets will find the extended features very useful.


The TTU-2840XT also offers vast I/O capabilities of the TTU-2830; however, the weatherproof (IP67) construction and extended temperature tolerance makes it suitable to take on the challenge of monitoring in extreme temperature fluctuations due to harsh environments such as utility plants, mines, seasonal weather shifts or job sites. The TTU-2840XT comes with a larger rechargeable battery (5.3Ah) and high-performance internal antennas to deliver insight to the location, hours of use and health of heavy-duty assets. Construction, mining and rental companies can utilize TTU-2840XT when operating in different geo zones.


Built for specific situations, the HMU-3640 is the first device to serve as an IIoT gateway for extracting data and analytics specifically for chassis-mounted heavy equipment assets. This device is the result of collaboration with construction equipment manufacturers (OEM) and fully meets the heavy equipment electrical and environmental requirements. Its ruggedized form factor comes with IP66/67, enhanced temperature, vibration and shock specifications necessary to perform in arduous conditions. The HMU-3640 features 4G LTE Cat 1 with 3G fallback to help future-proof against network transitions.

To improve utilization, you need real-time visibility into the location and condition of your assets. You can count on our family of rugged telematics devices that communicate with our cloud solutions. Together, with this connected ecosystem, you can unleash equipment intelligence to strive for efficiency improvement and automate data collection. We have the right solution to fit your business needs whether you are looking for plug-and-work features or require a customized solution that gives you the keys to select the features you want activated.

For more information about how LoJack® and CalAmp® can help you optimize your construction equipment and rental business with real-time asset tracking, come meet with us in person at booth 4737 at the ARA Show from February 18-20, 2019. You can get additional details on these products as well as other new and exciting solutions on our website.

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