School Bus Safety: Helping To Make It Better

  • February 28, 2019
  • Gregory J. Hill
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CalAmp-Synovia for School Bus Safety

When it comes to students who take the bus to school, parents often wonder whether their child arrived to their destination safely and on time. Without effective technology that enables real-time insight via data reports collected directly from the school bus, that visibility is limited and manual, e.g. phone call. Therefore, the need to know often grows stronger.

The American School Bus Council estimates that 26 million of the 50 million students who attend class will take the bus. These estimated 480,000 vehicles travel annually 12,000 miles on average. Based on these numbers, school districts have a lot of students and routes to monitor as well as buses to maintain.

One company that is helping to improve the overall school bus experience is Synovia. Their K-12 bus application is used throughout the U.S. and Canada and the solution offers a way for school districts to help protect their most important assets – student riders and school buses. The safety features built into the application include insights on bus locations, vehicle health, driver behavior and ideal routes, to list a few.

The application’s data, in part, comes from integrated CalAmp devices, the LMU-3640 and LMU-4233 that offer a telematics gateway and GPS.

This technology serves as the backbone for Synovia’s mobile application, Here Comes the Bus, which has emerged as a leader in the school bus ridership and tracking service industry with over 1 million users and ranks in the top 50 among education apps. It allows parents, educators and students to be more connected and protected as students travel to and from school each day.

Synovia Solutions' Here Comes The Bus App

Similar technology is used to supply GPS-powered insights to fleets in the municipal industry such as cities, town and counties as well as commercial fleets like heating and cooling firms and logistics companies.

“The power and simplicity of CalAmp’s hardware components are absolutely critical to the runaway success of ‘Here Comes the Bus’ and the rest of our customer offerings,” said Jon King, CEO, Synovia. “Our customers are thrilled with the quality and reliability of the CalAmp hardware and we are looking forward to expanding together to help school districts large and small leverage our combined technology to better serve their communities.”

To learn why over 1,000 customers have implemented Synovia’s solution powered by CalAmp to provide peace of mind to more than 260,000 families every day, read the case study, School Bus Safety: Technology’s Role here.

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