Disruptive Innovation: New Ways to Connect

  • February 14, 2019
  • Nadine Traboulsi
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Disruptive Innovation

We are looking forward to Mobile World Congress (MWC19) in Barcelona this year because we are bringing some new innovations and new ways of thinking. It’s about intelligent connectivity, not just linking things together and producing data without context. These disruptions are solving real-world issues. It’s about the continuous transformation of the global connected economy.

There is plenty to look forward to at this year’s show. We hope you are as excited and inspired – as we are – by the possibilities opening up through innovation in connectivity solutions. Here are some of the trends we see heading into MWC Barcelona.


Micromobility is a new or growing transportation alternative in many cities for short-distance trips under five miles. It enables people to get around on shared light electric vehicles (LEVs) that can be rented ad hoc with a mobile app. However, the current situation in most cities is anything but organized with e-bikes and e-scooters often abandoned randomly or left powerless. To resolve these issues, municipalities and solution providers will need to collaborate closely and leverage IoT technology to help manage and responsibly maintain their parts of the mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) ecosystem holistically. For the greatest positive impact, e-bikes and e-scooters must be easy to locate, rent and ride safely. Innovative telematics solutions unite connectivity, hardware and mobile apps to make sure LEVs are kept service-ready, properly managed and comply with regulations. The result is good experiences for riders and municipalities.

Connected Vehicles

The connected car continues to evolve, moving from simple GPS to real-time services to interacting with the world around them. Both OEM and aftermarket technologies are changing how people think about mobility and car ownership. These solutions are paving the way for immersive experiences, new concierge services and on-demand “pay by car” capabilities. The car itself is becoming a two-way communication platform that helps maintain relationships between customers and dealerships. It can even turn the vehicle into a secure location for package delivery. By going beyond a simple way to get from here to there, the car itself becomes a transformative platform.

Intelligent Connectivity as a Service

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to be the springboard for new capabilities and competitive advantages, including the ability to simplify traditional purchases by converting them into as-a-service offerings. Building a cloud infrastructure and integrating a swarm of devices to bring connectivity to a diverse set of physical assets can be daunting. It can keep companies from bringing their products to market and exploring innovative new business models enabled by IoT technology. Working with an experienced vendor on technology management removes IT and IoT limitations. Companies move from capital expenditures to operating expenses, tap into an extensive knowledge base and access current technology through updates and upgrades. The result is the ability to adjust to current market conditions by focusing on strategic initiatives instead of IoT lifecycle management.

To learn more about how CalAmp and LoJack are transforming the global connected economy using these innovative solutions, visit with us in Hall 5 Booth #5C76. We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona! For more information, visit our event page here.

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