Transforming the Global Connected Economy: What We Look Forward to at MWCA 2018

  • August 23, 2018
  • Nadine Traboulsi
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CalAmp 2018 MWCA Blog

As the summer comes to an end, we are getting excited for Mobile World Congress Americas this September. After attending last year’s event in San Francisco, mobility clearly continues to evolve rapidly. As manufacturers and consumers drive momentum, it’s up to us to remain ahead of the curve, and what better place to stay informed and inspired than at MWCA 2018 in Los Angeles.

Between some of the most innovative product launches of the year and thought-provoking presentations from top minds in the mobile and automotive industries, there’s plenty to look forward to at this year’s event. Here are some trends we see heading into MWCA and what we are most excited for:

Evolution of the connected vehicle
We’ve seen connected vehicles take new shape in the last year with the rising trend of alternative modes of transportation to aid in last-mile travel. Electric scooter companies took note from the bike shares of late and created a convenient, powered vehicle for quick and easy local travel. While there are some kinks to be worked out, we’re excited to see the progress that’s to be made here and wonder what kind of creative technologies these companies will deploy in the coming months.

While connected fleet announcements and pilots have been on the rise in recent years, companies like Volvo and Uber continue to invest in research and development of autonomous and semi-autonomous trucks for the modern fleet. At the same time, fleet operators are making investments in technology that enable semi-autonomous decision making to optimize business operations by connecting the four points of a commercial truck from the engine and cab to the trailer and the goods on board.

Automation and eliminating manual processes
IoT technologies have created shortcuts for all kinds of tasks, from simple tasks like setting your alarm clock each night before bed to the more complex such as connecting a 100-vehicle fleet of semi-trailer trucks to one another. Today’s connected economy is tightly integrated, allowing collected data to flow from machine to machine, thus creating added value for both the consumer and enterprise.

While automation is at the forefront of our thinking at CalAmp, we are looking forward to hearing more from fellow industry leaders on mobile connectivity and its place in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As connectivity continues to improve, how can automation drive new services and create more streamlined and convenient processes? Automation is happening at every step along the supply chain, from monitoring mobile assets and in-transit goods to gathering information on what is in motion, what risks are involved and where improvements can be made in real time. To advance thought leadership in this area, Paul Washicko CalAmp’s SVP of Software and Subscription Services and supply chain leaders from CargoSense and Overhaul will discuss The New Supply Chain at the IoT 101 – Digital Transformation University. The panel will explore how businesses can track and monitor the condition of assets in transit to maintain product quality, safety and on-demand deliveries.

The intersection of connectivity and safety
While the benefits of the connected economy are boundless, multi-modal transportation is becoming more prevalent, and we look forward to opening up the dialogue between private and public sector organizations in our Connected Vehicle Ecosystem panel at the IoT 101 – Digital Transformation University. CalAmp CEO Michael Burdiek and representatives from AT&T, Together for Safer Roads and other leaders in transportation will address how current aftermarket telematics technologies analyze driver and vehicle data to improve road safety while increasing access to new modes of transportation.

We hope you’ll visit our booth, Hall South Stand S.2646, or drop by our sessions at IoT 101 – Digital Transformation University on Thursday, September 13th at the JW Marriot L.A. Live:

  • 2:00-2:30 pm Tracking, Tracing & Monitoring the State & Condition of Assets – The New Supply Chain
    3:00-3:45 pm The Connected Vehicle Ecosystem – Paving the Way to Multimodal Transportation and Safer Roads

Look forward to seeing you in LA! Until September, visit our MWCA 2018 event page.

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