Moving Season Requires Your Services To Be On Time

  • June 20, 2017
  • Kristy Cartier
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Peak moving season is upon us. It comes with the buying and selling of houses as well as renters switching units or relocating into town. This annual summertime ritual, usually because the kids are out of school, requires many home and transportation services to support it. Being late or missing an appointment can put a damper on your bottom line from lost revenue to added expenses to a damaged reputation. Let’s look at some ways to make sure you arrive on time.

From Here to There: Moving’s Support System

Moving takes work. Before selling or renting, the place is typically refreshed. Owners may simply need a thorough cleaning while others put in new flooring, appliances or a water heater. And after a move, people like to make changes to update or personalize their space. Regardless of the reason, these decisions require the support of the service industry.

Franchise Help notes that the residential home services industry, in general — not just during a move, is estimated to be a $400 billion market. There is business seasonality for many service providers. However, the warmer months appear to generate more opportunities. The blog mentions summer being a key time period “because most homes are sold in the summer.”

There is also the move itself. Trucks are needed whether someone bands together their friends or hires one of the 8,000 companies in the moving and storage industry. Vehicles and equipment are essential for arriving on time to complete the job.

Common Reasons for Being Late

Missing an appointment may lead to revenue loss, increased expenses and damage to your brand reputation from poor reviews. Have any of these causes kept your team from arriving on time?

• The repair, install or move took longer than expected

• Appointments are overscheduled

• Staff levels are low due to illness, turnover or an unexpected increase in business

• Staff gets lost or is stuck in traffic

• Vehicles and/or equipment breakdown

Technology on Your Team

The first three reasons are about tweaking processes to resolve them or having procedures to manage the exceptions. For example, understaffed situations require establishing a relationship with staffing firms ahead of time. This network allows you to pull in temporary help. The last two points above could result in a missed appointment and result in a poor service rating.

One of the main real estate mantras is location, location, location. This is also vital for the services industry, though for a slightly different reason. Knowing the location of your vehicles allows you to keep the customer informed when they call in, as well as dispatch a nearby crew member to an emergency.

Going back to property management, a staged home typically sells or rents quicker. In comparison, a well-maintained fleet allows you to better manage appointments by preventing unexpected breakdowns through preventative maintenance and scheduled repairs. Let’s do a quick review and summarize some other benefits.

• Location – Provide updates to customers and dispatch faster

• Maintenance – Arrive on time, stay within warranty and save on emergency repair expenses

• Safety – Correct unsafe driving habits, reduce liability and decrease excess vehicle wear-and-tear

• Protection – Minimize off-hours usage and risk of theft with landmarks and ignition alerts

Benjamin Franklin said, “Lost time is never found again.” The revenue associated with lost time is rarely found again either. With telematics monitoring your fleet, you help keep those hours of income for your company. The solution allows you to optimize productivity by decisions based on real-time and historical data. So this moving season, keep your customers happy by arriving on time. Read how one cleaning company was able to improve on time arrivals by downloading our case study here.

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