CalAmp & Metavine: How to See Your Data In a Dash With Telematics

  • September 01, 2016
  • Kristy Cartier
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The 2016 CTIA Super Mobility conference is almost here and this year we have a one-of-a-kind, smart “everything wireless” Telematics solution capability to demonstrate for you. Using our Vanguard 5530 and Telematics Cloud (CTC) solution, integrated with Metavine’s zero code development platform, we will show how our customers can now get intelligent vehicle solutions to the Cloud fast, securely and at scale. Metavine will be at CalAmp’s booth 5332 to provide a demonstration of how you can add exceptional value to your CalAmp solutions.

First, Metavine has a disruptive development platform called Genesis that removes a huge barrier to entry for many, coding. It is an open, zero code RAD platform for creating enterprise-class Cloud & IoT business applications, at scale and exceptionally fast. The solution provides access to big data for workflows and decision-making using an amazing UX design environment that helps customers get product to market up to ten times faster than using a conventional approach. Combined with CTC, Metavine will illustrate how cloud and on-prem data is used in the CTC system.

Now, let’s take a quick peek at the engine under the hood. The CalAmp Telematics Cloud platform is comprised of a comprehensive set of services that include device communications and data delivery, data storage, data analytics, device and wireless network management, subscription management, billing services, and much more. Its APIs are designed for seamless integration with an ecosystem of partner services and platforms (like Metavine). This means that you can spend less time collecting and crunching your data and more time deciding on your next business move.

Don’t miss this Next-Gen CalAmp-Metavine demo at our booth (5332). You’ll be able to watch the vehicles equipped with Vanguard 5530s, and other CalAmp devices, driving in real-time. The Metavine Genesis dashboard will provide a snapshot of how you customize your data. They will also render it on Google Maps so you can see the location, driving history, and more. What would you like to ‘drag-and-drop’ onto your next business console?

Stop by to see the sample integration. Stay to chat with us and Metavine about how you can apply these solutions to your organization. You can find us in the Connected Car / M2M section at booth 5332.

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