Disrupting the Automotive Industry Through Automation

  • June 22, 2016
  • Peter Byrne
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Automation is the key to reducing the time and cost associated with the claims management process. This is why CalAmp refers to our product suite as aFNOL instead of just FNOL. Our Instant Crash Notification (ICN) system fully automates the accident notification process by providing users with immediate and automated notification that an accident has occurred. Immediate and automatic notification of an accident allows insurers to respond more effectively to a crash event, lowering costs and improving driver experience. By providing accurate, near real-time (e.g., within 60 seconds) crash data, ICN is a disruptive claims solution that dramatically improves efficiency and helps to reduce the costs associated with claims.

ICN accident reports are delivered via email, SMS (text) and application program interface (API) within seconds and include event location (with street address), telematics device (dongle or hardwired unit) identifier, date and time stamp and accident severity range, from very light to heavy. ICN notifies a driver’s stakeholders (e.g., insurance provider, family members, etc.) automatically when a crash occurs. The system alerts the authorized list of recipients even when the driver can’t.

Insurance carriers still rely on the policyholder to call or fill out an online form to make a claim. The delay from time of accident to reporting to a call center is between three to five days (in the US). It is universally accepted among insurers that the sooner the claims department receives FNOL, the better. Therefore, reliable, automated FNOL is something of a Holy Grail for auto insurers worldwide.

With over 5M devices on CalAmp systems in active service globally, CalAmp is an established developer and manufacturer of wireless products, services and solutions for fleet telematics. We also have significant crash engineering know-how and intellectual property in this field. We have pioneers on staff with extensive experience in vehicle OEM safety systems, including airbag system and vehicle structure engineering. This knowledge and experience is being applied to every aspect of our aFNOL suite, which addresses the elimination of false reporting in crash detection, as well as the need for more accurate data collection on auto physical damage (APD) and bodily injury. Look for additional insurance telematics offerings from CalAmp in the second half of 2016.