Don’t Spend Fuelishly: Help Your Trucks Save You Money

  • April 28, 2016
  • Carol J.
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These days, fuel is cheap. With oil prices down, why worry about the efficiency of your fleet. I mean, we all know that engine idling is no big deal

Even if fuel is cheap right now, saving money is still important. Thinking about savings while prices are low will pay off even more when fuel prices inevitably rise. Your competitors are certainly thinking about how to gain efficiency everywhere they can.

Now is the time to identify the source of fuel waste. Is it your trucks or your drivers that waste fuel?

Trucks get more and more efficient. Newer trucks use fuel more wisely than older trucks. But the number one factor in fuel savings is improved driver behavior. No other investment pays a better fuel dividend. Of course, a careful approach is warranted. If drivers feel they are being scrutinized, the effort can backfire. You may even lose some of your best personnel. One way to avoid confusion and ill will is to use monitoring to reward desired behavior rather than punishing bad behavior.

If you let your drivers know what’s important to you, monitor their behavior, and reward improvements, you can cut down on some of the hidden fuel-wasters: hard acceleration and braking, unnecessary idle time, and inefficient routing. Monitoring can help drivers achieve higher efficiency and reduce idle time, by enabling you to re-route them based on changing conditions, unexpected problems, and updated customer information. Telematics data gives you a complete end-to-end picture of what is happening with your trucks and drivers, helping you solve problems you didn’t know you had.

These strategies not only save fuel, they can help reduce your drivers’ stress levels and help provide a better customer experience.

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