Moving Intelligence to the Edge with ODP

  • January 28, 2016
  • Gregory J. Hill
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Intelligence at the edge brings a number of advantages to device management and machine-to-machine communications. In addition to a vastly greater capacity for data ingestion and real-time analytics, more sophisticated insights, and device virtualization, there is the benefit that the devices themselves become smart enough to negotiate consensus and make autonomous decisions. The availability of Linux-based programmable routers with serial capability means that even a relic of legacy equipment can become connected, intelligent, and virtual. Applications running on these smart devices can process raw data and make decisions, sending back resulting actionable information and relieving bottlenecks at the central management system.

These applications must be powerful enough to do more than respond to a single sensor value crossing a threshold, and they must run on devices with sufficient processing power, all appropriate communications protocols and capabilities, and the physical durability for the environment in which they’re deployed. The applications must be able to manage and analyze multiple concurrent inputs, process and store data, and collaborate with other devices in the environment. Such applications can be created by in-house development teams, solutions developers, or third-parties to optimize performance for unique environments.

What’s the secret to easily creating intelligence at the edge? A simple, powerful application development platform on the device.

CalAmp ODP™ is a Linux-based (OpenWRT) application development platform that enables distributed intelligence and decision-making applications at the edge for fixed and mobile applications. ODP offers control of serial and I/O ports on a device, access to the device GPS, Modem status and direct communication via full access to the TCP/IP stack. Whether you are writing C and C++ applications for maximum performance, Java for code portability, or just a quick Linux shell script, ODP has you covered. It even works with PEG™, CalAmp’s embedded events engine.

ODP enables niche markets to tailor products to their specific needs and use cases without having to recertify devices. With ODP, channel partners and system integrators can build offerings around CalAmp solutions to let OEMs and customers create custom solutions for specific use cases.

For more information, check out our ODP datasheet.

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